Who discovered that the Cree Call acceleration Is the same for any object at a given place?

A. Newton

B. Pascal

C. Archimedes

D. Galileo

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  1. Halley's comet appears in the heavens once in
  2. A solar eclipse occurs when the earth, the sun and the moon are in a straight line, and
  3. Railway tracks are banked on curves so that
  4. For an electron orbiting in a hydrogen atom, the necessary centripetal force keeping it in orbit is…
  5. The orbit of Venus lies between those of
  6. The difference between planets and stars is
  7. A sensitive instrument susceptible to magnetic infiuence can be protected from external magnetic field…
  8. Alpha particles are
  9. The base of an electric iron is brightly polished mainly
  10. For detecting and, testing of small electric charges we use
  11. The radius of curvature of a spherical mirror is
  12. Sound waves
  13. The Cact that the compass needle does not point true north was observed first by
  14. The ballistic missile, Agni 11, tested by India has a maximum range of
  15. When a ship floats on water, the weight or water displaced is
  16. Mercury is used in thermometers because
  17. The function of a moderator in a nuclear reactor is
  18. The speed of light is minimum while passing through
  19. Cyclotron is an apparatus used
  20. In a refrigerator cooling is produced by
  21. The mixing up of two gases as a result of random motion of molecules is called
  22. Stars twinkle because of
  23. Enriched uranium means
  24. The completely dark portion of a shadow of an object is known as
  25. A tube light works on the principle of
  26. Antiparticle of electron is
  27. On applying a constant force to a mass, It moves with a uniform
  28. In a hydraulic pressure
  29. In a longitudinal wave, the direction of propagation of the wave is
  30. Less dew is formed on cloudy nights because