Who discovered the most important electrical effects which is the magnetic effect?

A. Hans Christian Oersted

B. Sir Charles Wheatstone

C. Georg Ohm

D. James Clerk Maxwell

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  1. If a magnetic flux cuts across 200 turns at a rate of 2Wb/sa the induced voltage according to Faraday's…
  2. What is the cgs unit of magnetomotive force?
  3. What is the usual value of leakage coefficient for electrical machines?
  4. Who discovered superconductivity in 1911?
  5. An alloy of 40 percent iron and 60 percent nickel.
  6. A test charge means a charge of
  7. When a wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field the direction of the induced emf changes one in every…
  8. If the value of 25 of a conductor is 1/230 per oCa then the value of 0is
  9. If the right handed bottle-opener cork screw is assumed to be along the conductor so as to advance in…
  10. Flux density is measured in
  11. __________ is a substance of whose molecules consist of the same kind of atom.
  12. The force which set ups or tends to set up magnetic flux in a magnetic circuit
  13. The lagging effect between flux density of the material and the magne
  14. The quantity 10^6 maxwells is equivalent to one
  15. What is the other name for dielectric strength?
  16. The B-H curve for ________ is a straight line passing through the origin.
  17. The branch of Engineering which deals with the magnetic effect of electric current is known as
  18. Which of the following has the highest permeability?
  19. A magnetic material losses its ferromagnetic properties at a point called
  20. The magnetic field of a bar magnet most closely resembles the magnetic field of
  21. A permanent magnet does not exert a force on
  22. A length of wire has a resistance of 10 ohms. What is the resistance of a wire of the same material…
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    A magnetic pole produces 5000 field lines. How much is the flux in webers? A. 50 10^-6
  24. The unit of electrical energy is
  25. A 6- V battery is connected across a solenoid of 100 turns having a resistance of 2 ?a Calculate the…
  26. Electric field intensity at a point is numerically equal to ________ at that point.
  27. Residual magnetism refers to the flux densitya which exists in the iron core when the magnetic field…
  28. If the length and area of cross-section of a wire are doubleda then its resistance
  29. What is used as the insulating material or dielectric in an electric ion
  30. The relative permeability of a magnetic material is 10^5. What is its permeability?