Who first used the term Quasi-Rent?

A. David Ricardo

B. Alfred Marshal

C. J.S.Mill

D. Karl Marx

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  1. If regardless of changes in its price, the quantity demanded of a commodity remains unchanged, then…
  2. If a monopolist is producing under decreasing cost conditions, increase in demand is beneficial to the…
  3. When at a given price, the quantity demanded of a commodity is more than the quantity supplied, there…
  4. Using total revenue and total cost, a profit maximizing firm will be equilibrium at a point:
  5. Consumer surplus is the difference between
  6. Under monopolistic competition, in long-run there is:
  7. A high value of cross-elasticity indicates that the two commodities are:
  8. Who is the author of the famous work Asian Drama: An Enquiry intro the Causes of Poverty of Nations?
  9. We can measure consumers surplus with the help of
  10. While buying two goods X and Y with unequal prices, to maximize total utility from his income, a consumer…
  11. Change in quantity demanded (expansion and contraction of demand) is:
  12. A vertical supply curve parallel to the price axis implies that the elasticity of supply is:
  13. In a perfectly competitive market, suppliers must know:
  14. Who first used the term Quasi-Rent?
  15. The Substitution Effect (S.E) is always:
  16. When the slope of a demand curve is infinite (also known as horizontal demand curve) then elasticity…
  17. Utility is a function of:
  18. The competitive equilibrium leads to:
  19. In discriminating monopoly (price discrimination), the cost of production in two markets are:
  20. In case of short-run, the supply curve of an industry is the horizontal summation of:
  21. Nash equilibrium is applicable in case of:
  22. Any expansion in output by a firm in the short period will always reduce the:
  23. According to the principle of substitution?
  24. The greater the percentage of income spent on a commodity:
  25. The game theory is concerned with:
  26. According to M.Kalecki, the true measure of the degree of monopoly power is the:
  27. In modern theory of costs, a firm normally utilizes:
  28. The monopolist firm is price setter. The price setter firm is one which:
  29. Which of the following is an implicit cost of production?
  30. If two goods are complements then indifference curve (IC) will be: