Who has been appointed as the goodwill ambassador for Handicap International?

A. Lionel Messi

B. Ronaldinho

C. Neymar Jr

D. Cristiano Ronaldo

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  1. Which ministry sets up Task Force on Artificial Intelligence recently?
  2. A team of astronomers discovered that the Sun's core rotates 4 times faster than the solar surface.…
  3. Wayne Rooney announced his retirement. He played which sport?
  4. The Ministry of Culture organized the Sankalp Se Siddhi Programme in _______ .
  5. Name the head of panel set up by the government to study issues related to data protection in the country.
  6. Who among the following has topped this year' s Forbes ranking of the highest paid author?
  7. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered the strongest evidence to date for a stratosphere on an…
  8. Indian student Dacharla Panduranga Rohith develops Nano Missile for Indian Army, he hails from which…
  9. Which country to host 2017 G7 Interior Ministers summit on security issues?
  10. Which country appoints First Tamil Navy Chief After Four Decades?
  11. Who has been awarded the prestigious Himachal Pradesh Environment Leadership Award 2017 for excelling…
  12. Which bank on August 9, 2017 launched instant credit cards?
  13. For Which country Union Government imposes anti-dumping duty on sodium nitrate imports recently?
  14. Which state former Chief Minister Rishang Keishing Passes Away recently?
  15. Jerry Lewis, the famous comedian passed away. He hailed from which country?
  16. Which football Club honoured Former Indian Hockey captain Dhanraj Pillay with 'Bharat Gaurav'?
  17. Ahmed Khan passed away recently at the age of 90. Who was he?
  18. Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd. has signed an agreement with which exchange for agriculture related price…
  19. For the first time when was Los Angeles hosted Summer Olympics?
  20. A NASA rocket mission named ------ will form night-time white artificial clouds visible by residents…
  21. Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) entered into how many Unilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (UAPAs)…
  22. Who was appointed as the new Air Oficer-in-Charge Administration of Indian Air Force?
  23. Name the Indian-origin boy who has been crowned as UK' s 'Child Genius' in a popular television quiz…
  24. In which year was the Kyoto Protocol adopted?
  25. Who has been appointed as the goodwill ambassador for Handicap International?
  26. Which organisation announced the Women Transforming India Awards 2017?
  27. Google has launched its new android operating system _____.
  28. SoftBank has announced to invest $2.5 billion in __________.
  29. The World Bank allowed India to construct hydroelectric power plants on the --------- and ------------…
  30. The International Day of the victims of Enforced Disappearances was observed on which date?