Who is appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to Cyprus?

A. Dr. V. K. Vijayan

B. Dr. Ramesh Kumar

C. Dr. Narayana Moorthy

D. Dr. R. K. Raghavan

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  1. Tony de Brum, the well-known climate awareness activist has passed away. He hailed from which country?
  2. Which among the following Indian company has become the third most funded private company globally?
  3. Renowned scientist Pushpa Mitra Bhargava passes away at the age of 89. He was hailed from which state…
  4. UNESCO has shown worry about that damage caused to which of the following heritage sites in India?
  5. India' s first museum on the Partition of the Indian Sub-continent will open in which state?
  6. For the first time when was Los Angeles hosted Summer Olympics?
  7. Which state power discoms has become the India' s first state-owned discoms to accept payments through…
  8. The dawn of cruise tourism in India', a special event held to promote cruise tourism in the country…
  9. Which country with India Agree to Disengage at Doklam?
  10. Which scheme was renamed by the Union Cabinet recently?
  11. Who was banned for five matches for pushing the referee?
  12. For Which issue 10th India-European Union Counter meeting took place recently?
  13. What is the theme of 2017 International Youth Day (IYD)?
  14. World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared which country as polio free?
  15. Name the Indian-origin boy who has been crowned as UK' s 'Child Genius' in a popular television quiz…
  16. A research team led by Dr Pinaki Panigrahi has found Probiotic Bacteria that could protect newborns…
  17. Which of the following has not won the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award 2017?
  18. Health and wellness startup Cure.fit has roped in which Bollywood actor as its Brand Ambassador?
  19. Who has been appointed as the chairman of Syndicate Bank?
  20. Which nationwide campaign has been launched by the Union Government to protect elephants?
  21. Which day is observed as National Handloom Day?
  22. Sri Lankan selection panel of Cricket team was resigned, Who of the following was Chairman/ Head of…
  23. Who has been roped as Brand Ambassador for Swachh Bharat Mission in Uttar Pradesh?
  24. What was the theme of 'World breastfeeding week 2017' celebrated from 1st to 7th August 2017?
  25. Which country Imposes World's Toughest Law Against Plastic Bags recently?
  26. Which state government has launched a grid-connected rooftop solar programme through net-metering system…
  27. Which currency notes are going to be released by the Reserve Bank of India recently?
  28. Which team has won the 2017 UEFA Super Cup football tournament?
  29. Santosh Mohan Dev who dies at the age of 83 is a?
  30. A high-intensity earthquake of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale struck China recently. The epicenter…