Who is the author of Problems of Capital Formation in Underdeveloped Countries?

A. R.Nurkse

B. N.Kaldor

C. S.kuznets

D. Alfred Marshal

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  1. One common definition of a luxury good is a good with income elasticity:
  2. Utility means:
  3. Cross-elasticity of demand or cross-price elasticity between two complements will be:
  4. The number of firms in monopolistic competition normally range between:
  5. If under perfect competition, in the short period, price does not cover the average cost completely,…
  6. The difference between the average total cost and average variable cost as output increases will:
  7. After reaching the saturation point consumption of additional units of the commodity cause:
  8. The demand curve of a firm in monopolistic competition is:
  9. In case of monopoly, the price charged against the additional unit is:
  10. According to current thinking, the law of diminishing returns applies to:
  11. Cross-elasticity of demand is measured as:
  12. An indifference curve shows the bundles of two goods among which a consumer remains:
  13. At a point below the middle of a straight line demand curve, elasticity of demand is:
  14. If the price of a product falls then quantity demanded tends to increase ceteris paribus because:
  15. An inferior commodity is one whose quantity demand decreases when income of the consumer:
  16. Iso-product curve (isoquant) shows:
  17. Government planners play a central role in allocating resources:
  18. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a perfectly competitive market?
  19. The game theory was basically presented by:
  20. In case of monopoly, the slope of MR is:
  21. Monopoly means:
  22. From the resource allocation view point, perfect competition is preferable because:
  23. The partial equilibrium model keeps other things:
  24. In Prisoners Dillemma, the players are:
  25. Kinked Demand Curve is consistent with which one of the following market situations?
  26. The income effect means that consumer purchase more when:
  27. The line from the origin to a point on an isoquant shows:
  28. Which of the following pairs of commodities is an example of substitutes?
  29. Which is the other name that is given to the average revenue curve?
  30. In monopolistic competition, the customers are attached with one product because of: