Who is the father of personal computer?

A. Edward Robert

B. Allen Turing

C. Charles Babbage

D. None of these

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  1. Which statement is valid about magnetic tape?
  2. What is the first stage in software development?
  3. Which is considered a direct entry input device?
  4. First page of Website is termed as-
  5. Which of the following computer is not invented by J.P. Eckert and John Mauchly?
  6. What are the three decisions making operations performed by the ALU of a computer?
  7. What type of memory is not directly addressable by the CPU and requires special softw3are called EMS…
  8. The value of each bead in earth is
  9. What is the name of the display feature that highlights are of the screen which requires operator attention?
  10. Computer operators
  11. FORTRAN is a programming language. What does FORTRAN stand for?
  12. Computers manipulate data in many ways, and this manipulation is called________
  13. The primary advantage of key-to-tape data entry system is
  14. Which computers used operating systems by Microsoft?
  15. The word Abacus is derived from Abax, a word from
  16. Before a disk drive can access any sector record, a computer program has to provide the record's disk…
  17. The metal disks, which are permanently housed in, sealed and contamination free containers are called
  18. Which generation of computer is still under development
  19. BIOS stands for
  20. Note book, laptop, palm, hand-held computers are coming under the category of________ computer
  21. Which computer has been designed to be as compact as possible?
  22. Which of the following memories has the shortest access times?
  23. The terminal device that functions as a cash register, computer terminal, and OCR reader is the:
  24. The first computer introduced in Nepal was
  25. What is meant by a dedicated computer?
  26. A program that performs a useful task while simultaneously allowing destructive acts is
  27. Which of the following is valid statement?
  28. An index register that is automatically incremented or decremented with each use is
  29. Which of the following is not anti- viruses' software?
  30. The CPU and memory are located on the: