Who was appointed as Russia's Ambassador to India?

A. Caroline Wozniacki

B. Simona Halep

C. Madison Keys

D. Nikolay Kudashev

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  1. Who has been appointed as the chairman of Syndicate Bank?
  2. Which State government has launched the cloud seeding operation, 'Project Varshadhari'?
  3. Central government has declared which state as a disturbed area under the controversial Armed Forces…
  4. The law and Judiciary Department has issued an order for the setting up of first three of the total…
  5. Which three Indian firms have featured in Forbes' list of the world' s 100 most innovative companies?
  6. The Aurora Solar Energy Project is being constructed in which country?
  7. Which state government is planning to relocate tigers to the state of the sanctuaries?
  8. Who was sworn in as the 45th Chief Justice of India?
  9. A NASA rocket mission named ------ will form night-time white artificial clouds visible by residents…
  10. Who was appointed as the new Air Oficer-in-Charge Administration of Indian Air Force?
  11. Who took over as the Union Secretary of Home Affairs recently?
  12. Facebook has launched Youtube competitor called:
  13. Which day is observed as Sadbhavana Diwas?
  14. Who was banned for five matches for pushing the referee?
  15. According to a survey undertaken by the Quality Council of India (QCI) between May and June 2017, almost…
  16. For Which country Union Government imposes anti-dumping duty on sodium nitrate imports recently?
  17. A team of astronomers discovered that the Sun's core rotates 4 times faster than the solar surface.…
  18. Under 'Sustainable Action for Transforming Human Capital (SATH)' initiative, NITI Aayog has selected…
  19. Who among the following is the first person to receive the Medal of Honor from President Donald Trump?
  20. Vishal Sikkan has resigned as Managing Director and CEO of which software company?
  21. Which Indian Actor got 8th Position in the World's Highest-Paid Actors 2017 Forbes List?
  22. "Champions of Change" initiative, an effort to bring together diverse strengths for the benefit of the…
  23. Which online portal has been launched by Maharashtra Government to ease the process of direct benefit…
  24. Who among the following has topped the Forbes' list of highest paid female athletes of 2017?
  25. India' s first museum on the Partition of the Indian Sub-continent will open in which state?
  26. Who has been selected as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Uber?
  27. Who among the following has become the youngest person to reach the summit of the 6,153 metres-high…
  28. Who has launched a digital police portal under CCTNS project, which aims to create a national database…
  29. India and which country have jointly submitted a proposal to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) calling…
  30. Which bank on August 9, 2017 launched instant credit cards?