Work sampling is applied for

A. Estimation of the percentage utilisation of machine tools

B. Estimating the percentage of the time consumed by various job activities

C. Finding out time standards, specially where the job is not repetitive and where time study by stop watch method is not possible

D. All of the above

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  1. The standard time for a job is
  2. Gantt chart is used for
  3. Acceptance sampling is widely used in
  4. In CPM, the cost slope is determined by
  5. The determination of standard time in a complex job system is best done through
  6. The time required to complete a job is established and a bonus is paid to the worker based on the exact…
  7. Critical Path Net Work helps an engineer
  8. Production cost refers to prime cost plus
  9. The value engineering technique in which experts of the same rank assemble for product development is…
  10. In jobbing production
  11. Micro motion study is
  12. In micro-motion study, therblig is described by
  13. Dispatching
  14. Simplex method is the method used for
  15. The linear programming techniques can be applied successfully to industries like
  16. P.M.T.S. (Predetermined Motion Time Systems) include
  17. Material handling and plant location is analysed by
  18. The work study is done by means of
  19. Which of the following equations is not in conformity with others?
  20. The type of layout used for manufacturing steam turbines, is
  21. Travel charts provide
  22. If F is the fixed cost, V is the variable cost per unit (or total variable costs) and P is the selling…
  23. The disadvantage of product layout is
  24. Work study involves
  25. Slack represents the difference between the
  26. Queueing theory is used for
  27. Critical path on PERT/CPM chart is obtained by joining the events having
  28. The amount deducted from the salary of workers towards employees provident fund is
  29. Which of the following plans motivates supervisors by paying a premium on time saved by workers?
  30. In the Emerson efficiency plan, a worker receives only his daily wage and no bonus is paid till his…