Work study is most useful

A. Where production activities are involved

B. In judging the rating of machines

C. In improving industrial relations

D. In judging the output of a man and improving it

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  1. When slack of an activity is negative
  2. Product layout is best suited where
  3. The time required to complete a job is established and a bonus is paid to the worker based on the exact…
  4. The main advantage of line organisation is its
  5. Pick up the correct step used for scheduling a project by C.P.M.
  6. The type of layout used for manufacturing steam turbines, is
  7. In value engineering, important consideration is given to
  8. O on a PERT/CPM chart represents
  9. CPM is the
  10. M.T.M. is used to
  11. Work study is concerned with
  12. If (R) is the base rate guaranteed per hour, (S) is the standard time for the job and (T) is the actual…
  13. Which one of the following represents a group incentive plan?
  14. PERT analysis is based upon
  15. If A is the total items consumed per year, P is the procurement cost per order, and C is the annual…
  16. The amount deducted from the salary of workers towards employees provident fund is
  17. Bar chart is suitable for
  18. Choose the wrong statement Time study is used to
  19. Process layout is employed
  20. Which of the following charts are used for plant layout design?
  21. Which of the following wage incentive plan is applied to all workers?
  22. The most important function of inventory control is
  23. The time by which the activity completion time can be delayed without affecting the start of succeeding…
  24. P.M.T.S. (Predetermined Motion Time Systems) include
  25. Routing is essential in the following type of industry
  26. The probabilistic time is given by (where to = Optimistic time, tp = Pessimistic time, and tn = Most…
  27. A dummy activity in a net work diagram
  28. The technique of value analysis can be applied to
  29. Gantt chart provides information about the
  30. Value engineering aims at finding out the