Workdone in a free expansion process is

A. Zero

B. Minimum

C. Maximum

D. Positive

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  1. The deformation of a bar under its own weight compared to the deformation of same body subjected to…
  2. The general law of expansion or compression is pvn = C, The process is said to be hyperbolic, if n is…
  3. For the beam shown in the below figure, the shear force diagram between A and B is
  4. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
  5. The ratio of maximum shear stress developed in a rectangular beam and a circular beam of the same cross-sectional…
  6. Which is the incorrect statement about Carnot cycle?
  7. The entropy __________ in an irreversible cyclic process.
  8. In an extensive property of a thermodynamic system
  9. Which of the following is correct?
  10. The main cause for the irreversibility is
  11. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
  12. The mass of carbon per kg of flue gas is given by
  13. A key is subjected to side pressure as well at shearing forces. These pressures are called
  14. The total energy of a molecule is shared equally by the various degrees of freedom possessed by it.…
  15. In a belt drive, the pulley diameter is doubled, the belt tension and pulley width remaining same. The…
  16. Tensile strength of a material is obtained by dividing the maximum load during the test by the
  17. Euler's formula holds good only for
  18. The natural petroleum may be separated into
  19. When a gas is heated at constant pressure
  20. For a beam, as shown in the below figure, when the load W is applied in the centre of the beam, the…
  21. The ideal efficiency of a Brayton cycle with regeneration, with increase in pressure ratio will
  22. Select the wrong statement
  23. The torque transmitted by a solid shaft of diameter (D) is (where τ = Maximum allowable shear stress)
  24. The lower layer of the beam as shown in the below figure, will be
  25. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of __________ water through one degree is called…
  26. The efficiency of Diesel cycle depends upon
  27. Kerosene is distilled at
  28. The mass of flue gas per kg of fuel is the ratio of the
  29. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  30. Which of the following gas has a minimum molecular mass?