You can activate a cell by

A. Pressing the Tab key

B. Clicking the cell

C. Pressing an arrow key

D. All of the above

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  1. A numeric value can be treated as label value if ...... precedes it.
  2. Microsoft Excel is a powerful ...........
  3. What do you mean by a Workspace?
  4. You can use the drag and drop method to
  5. Which key do you press to check spelling?
  6. To activate the previous cell in a pre-selected range, press
  7. Which of following is Not one of Excels what-if function?
  8. Which of the following is not a worksheet design criterion?
  9. How can you find specific information in a list?
  10. By default Excel provides 3 worksheets. You need only two of them, how will you delete the third one?
  11. You can use drag-and-drop to embed excel worksheet data in a word document
  12. To return the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor in EXCEL we use the function?
  13. Which of the following options is not located in the Page Setup dialog box?
  14. Which of the following series type is not valid for Fill Series dialog box?
  15. In the formula, which symbol specifies the fixed columns or rows?
  16. Which of the following is not a basic step in creating a worksheet?
  17. The autofill feature
  18. Which is used to perform what if analysis?
  19. How many characters can be typed in a single cell in Excel?
  20. Long text can be broken down into many lines within a cell. You can do this through
  21. Which is not the function of Edit, Clear command?
  22. If you need to remove only the formatting done in a range (numbers and formula typed there should not…
  23. You want to track the progress of the stock market on a daily basis. Which type of chart should you…
  24. You want to set such that when you type Baishakh and drag the fill handle, Excel should produce Jestha,…
  25. Files created with Lotus 1-2-3 have an extension
  26. Right clicking something in Excel:
  27. To view a cell comment
  28. How many worksheets can a workbook have?
  29. The spelling dialog box can be involved by choosing spelling from ________ menu.
  30. To create a formula, you first: