You can send an e-mail with an attachment using only SmtpMail class

A. True

B. False

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  1. CDO stands for _________________ .
  2. If passwords are to be sent from one page to another, we can use
  3. How can you check if the page is visited for the first time
  4. We can write an XML document from ASP.NET without mentioning the encoding format ie even without specifying…
  5. ___________ controls how proxy servers temporarily store web pages
  6. By default a WebForm inherits from
  7. Options available with SelectionMode are
  8. Menus can be added to an ASP.NET Page
  9. An error handling is Structured when we use
  10. ____________ enables you to add, modify and delete records and you will see the changes made by other…
  11. An alternative way of displaying text on web page using
  12. You want to ensure that the user ID is saved between requests when the user is moving through pages.…
  13. In the Adrotator XML file ________ is used to mention the file to link to
  14. RadioButtonsLists __________ property is used to add RadioButtons at runtime
  15. What namespace contains the classes for file and directory access?
  16. For Adrotator control the XML file is mentioned through ________ property
  17. Default scripting language in ASP.
  18. ASP.NET can be installed on Windows 98 machine
  19. In case of a CompareValidator, a TextBox's value can be compared to an expression
  20. ASP.NET is object oriented
  21. To make an HTML control behave as a Server control, ___________ option must be set.
  22. .DirectoryInfo gives information about any Directory
  23. While redirecting, values can be passed with it
  24. To write a root tag say '<details>' through ASP.NET use
  25. This control does not produce an HTML output
  26. ____________ enables you to add, modify and delete records but you won't see the changes made by other…
  27. Difference between Response.Write() andResponse.Output.Write().
  28. Default path for any web application is
  29. Under Button Click the following code is written1. Dim I =102. MsgBox(I)
  30. To count the number of times an user visited a page, use