You have a network card with the connector in question 43, and it also has a 15 pin female connector, the pins being in two rows. What type of card is it?

A. ethernet

B. token ring

C. arcnet

D. dlc

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  1. ___________ is based on resources that are present within the Diffserv region.
  2. Destination physical address in ARP request is a ………………………….address.
  3. AppleTalk protocol configures hosts in zones on the network.
  4. What is the code used for Interpret As Command (IAC)?
  5. In flags message attribute, which of the following flag indicates that message has been completed?
  6. Your Web server is also configured as an FTP server. What part of the data packet will tell the server…
  7. Which of the following filed represents the sender of the message in an electronic mail?
  8. You've taken your Windows 2000 laptop to a client's network and plugged it in. Your computer is configured…
  9. In an authentication using symmetric keys, if 10 people need to communicate, we need _______ keys.
  10. Identify the topology and network type that uses a central hub with cables connected to workstations.
  11. What is the maximum length of thick Ethernet cable before a signal booster is needed?
  12. E-mail is an example of ………………………… mode…
  13. In FTP, to execute a file transfer, the user begins by _________.
  14. Which of the following connectors is used by UTP on a Fast Ethernet network?
  15. What is used to boost a digital signal?
  16. ____________ developed to provide a loop-free method of exchanging routing information between autonomous…
  17. In 1996, 36.44% of _________ addresses were brought in use.
  18. Which of the following versions will replace IPv4 Internet layer?
  19. How many 64-Kbps channels are used on an ISDN BRI?
  20. Using a class B address maximum of …………………networks can be…
  21. What is the distance limitation of Cat5 UTP?
  22. FTP servers by default listen on port ________ for incoming connections from FTP clients.
  23. What is the default port for Telnet?
  24. Which of the following protocol is used by Integrated Services for signaling of the reservation messages?
  25. You're configuring a dial-up connection to an ISP. Which of the following protocols is used?
  26. TCP protocol is responsible for logical addressing and delivery of packets.
  27. _____________ command is used by the client to transfer the job across to the server.
  28. You are browsing www.microsoft.com on a machine named host.contoso.org.. What is the order of domain…
  29. Which of the following protocols use a topology table to install routes into the IP routing table?
  30. Twisted-pair cable uses what type of connector?