Each of the following sentences is followed by four words or group of words. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word or group of words.

You have no business to _________ pain on a weak and poor person.

A. inflict

B. put

C. direct

D. force

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  1. They ________ their seats away from the curved wall panels to give themselves more space as the flight…
  2. Though one eye is kept firmly on the___________, the company now also promotes ___________ contemporary…
  3. The entire village condoled ____ the jawans widow in her bereavement.
  4. Sometimes the greatest inventions ___________ an idea of startling simplicity.
  5. The influence of the environment on man is revealed by an_____ study.
  6. My inward petition was instantly _______________. First, a delightful cold wave descended over my back…
  7. His fears were explicitly betrayed by his______ voice.
  8. She had a terrible night caused by a(n)_____ during her sleep.
  9. The car we were travelling in _________ a mile from home.
  10. It will take some time for many South koreans to ___________ the conflicting images of North Korea,…
  11. The prisoner showed no _________ for his crimes.
  12. The numbers __________ by the legitimate online music service providers indicate that a growing number…
  13. He has a____tongue; his pinching sarcasm has______ everyone who has come into contact with him.
  14. Serious threat to our ecology and environment can be ______ with organic cultivation.
  15. Ravi was always_______ of the good fortune of others.
  16. Education is central because electronic networks and software-driven technologies are beginning to ___________…
  17. The present Constitution will see ___________ amendments but its basic structure will survive.
  18. This is a_____ translation of the speech.
  19. The official____ the Chief Minister of the situation in the town.
  20. The master dispensed_______the services of his servant.
  21. In India is __________ on protecting its resources, international business appears equally __________…
  22. Success comes to those who are vigilant not to permit______ from the chosen path.
  23. The two brothers look so_____ that it is difficult to tell one from the other.
  24. The petitioner had ______ an immediate stay form the court on allotment of the Hats ________ of investigation…
  25. My friend and I decided to watch a play, however ______enjoyed it.
  26. He lost confidence and _________ of the deal at the last minute.
  27. She tries to adjust __________ her relations.
  28. This is not the first time that the management has done some ___________ .
  29. Lack of financing options, __________ with HR and technological __________ , make small and medium enterprises…
  30. These issues are extremely ________ and any knee jerk reaction will ultimately result in a loss of ________…