Choose the clause type of the following sentences.

You should brush your teeth.

A. declarative

B. interrogative

C. imperative

D. exclamative

Please do not use chat terms. Example: avoid using "grt" instead of "great".

You can do it
  1. __________ Jinni did the ironing, _____________ she had also prepared the breakfast.
  2. The bankers need to know what they should do.
  3. Wherever there is a large India city, there will be poverty.
  4. The dog that Sam chose from the litter seems to be healthy.
  5. The soldiers in the camp will be punished ___________ they didnt obey the rules.
  6. Ahmad wants to visit Quebec , but he will need to wait for his next vacation.
  7. He is such a weak boy that he cannot run.
  8. __________ you are in top form, your coach always shows you respect.
  9. That was when they laughed
  10. Get ready now.
  11. Pushed beyond endurance , the runner dropped the baton.
  12. I do not know whocame here last night.
  13. Which one is the person who stole your car?
  14. I shall do whatever he says.
  15. Steven's book, which made Oprah's Book Club this month, is not in any stores.
  16. While it was raining, nobody went out.
  17. Joey is hoping for a change to play pool with his uncle.
  18. I do not know if he will come.
  19. Im going to work harder __________ I can be promoted.
  20. I cannot say whose book is this?
  21. Richard's chance to make his point slipped away.
  22. Arnold hoped to find an answer to the funding shortfall.
  23. Unless the crown can make a better case, the accused murderer will not be convicte(d)
  24. Katrina, who resented being left at home, drew on the walls with her crayons .
  25. I shall not tell you where he lives.
  26. He is such a boy as does not help anybody.
  27. They left early.
  28. Murat decided to give up smoking _________he had had a heart attack two times.
  29. Bill stopping the project was a big disappointment.
  30. THe claim that he expressed