Your router is running RIP and OSPF and both routing protocols are learning Which routing protocol will your router use for this route?



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  1. The function of the MODE button is to __________.
  2. The address of a Frame Relay VC is called a ___________.
  3. The _________ reference point defines the connection between the NT2 and the NT1.
  4. Which of the following is not true concerning TCP?
  5. RIP has a maximum hop count of ____________ hops.
  6. What would you enter to see the last few commands you entered?
  7. Which of the following is true concerning bridges?
  8. Which prompt indicates that you are at User EXEC mode?
  9. Which router command would you use to view the configuration register value?
  10. RIP generates routing updates every _________ seconds.
  11. Extended IP ACLs should be placed as close to the ____________ device as possible.
  12. The ___________ is the point where the carrier's responsibility ends and yours begins.
  13. Which 1900 command enables port security?
  14. A ___________ is basically all of the components, hardware and software, involvedin connecting computers…
  15. What would you use to prevent a packet from traveling around a routing loop forever?
  16. A _________ connects two or more LANs in the same geographic area.
  17. You are in Interface Subconfiguration mode and want to completely return to Privilege EXEC mode. What…
  18. PPP can do all of the following except ___________.
  19. IGRP generates an update every ___________ seconds.
  20. Which router command performs an overwrite process? (Choose all correct answers.)
  21. You examine your interfaces, and the Ethernet 0 interface status says: Ethernet 0 is up, line protocol…
  22. When choosing a dynamic routing protocol, which of the following should not be considered?
  23. Which metric components, by default, are used in IGRP? (Choose all the correct answers.)
  24. A __________ route is the best path to reach a destination within the topology table.
  25. You are given a class C network, You need one network with 120 hosts and three networks…
  26. Extended traceroute works from which mode?
  27. _________ allows you to create this summarization:
  28. Which of the following is true concerning ISL?
  29. Which of the following is true concerning 802.1Q?
  30. What command assigns a User EXEC password to a 2950 switch?