Fluid Mechanics MCQ Question with Answer

Fluid Mechanics MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 8
A flow in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second is constant, is called __________ flow.


Question No : 9
The sheet of water flowing over a notch or a weir is known as

Sill or crest
Nappe or vein
None of these

Question No : 10
A submerged body is said to be in a stable equilibrium, if its centre of gravity __________ the centre of buoyancy.

Coincides with
Lies below
Lies above
None of these

Question No : 11
The center of gravity of the volume of the liquid displaced by an immersed body is called

Center of pressure
Center of buoyancy
Center of gravity

Question No : 12
Coefficient of velocity is defined as the ratio of

Actual velocity of jet at vena contracta to the theoretical velocity
Area of jet at vena contracta to the area of orifice
Actual discharge through an orifice to the theoretical discharge
None of the above

Question No : 13
The region between the separation streamline and the boundary surface of the solid body is known as

Boundary layer

Question No : 14
Free surface of a liquid behaves like a sheet and tends to contract to smallest possible area due to the

Force of adhesion
Force of cohesion
Force of friction
Force of diffusion