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Question No : 8
Spiders can take only

solid food
liquid food
plant juice
flesh of dead animals

Question No : 9
Lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles belong to the class


Question No : 10

means, animals living in warm climates
means, the warming up of blood as the temperature increases during day time
is characterised by constant body temperature
is shown by reptiles

Question No : 11
The dinosaurs (terrible lizards) became very successful during

Palaeozoic era
Mesozoic era
Cenozoic era
Archaeozoic era

Question No : 12
From the end of the Triassic to the cretaceous period the earth was ruled by


Question No : 13
Who was the first scientist to use an instrument for biological studies in 1665?

Robert Hooke
None of the above

Question No : 14
The two German scientists who proposed the 'cell theory' were

Mendel and 'Darwin
Theodore Schwann and Matthias Schleiden
Virchow and Purkinje
porter and Palade

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