General Software MCQ Question with Answer

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Question No : 8
Set of software authorized to specific users is considered as

software library
program library
directory library
library package

Question No : 9
Function of running and loading programs and usage of peripherals is function of

operating system
enquiry system
dump programs
function system

Question No : 10
If program can cope data errors - program is called

stable functioning

Question No : 11
Commercial organization specializing preparation and design of software package is classified as

library house
software houses
program houses
directory houses

Question No : 12
Programs are fully tested and documented properly before including it into


Question No : 13
Program which is used to produce pictures and text and to organize it in newspaper is classified as

text publishing package
desktop publishing package
experimental package
organizing publishing package

Question No : 14
Several programs run at same time and storage is shared especially in

mainframe computers
enquiry computers
dump computers