Hydraulics & Fluid Machineries MCQ - Multiple Choice Question and Answer

Hydraulics & Fluid Machineries MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 8
The flow ratio of Francis turbine is defined as the ratio of the

Velocity of flow at inlet to the theoretical jet velocity
Theoretical velocity of jet to the velocity of flow at inlet
Velocity of runner at inlet to the velocity of flow at inlet
None of the above

Question No : 9
A ship with jet propulsion draws water through inlet orifices at right angles to the direction of its motion. The propelling force of the jet is (where a = Area of the jet, Vr = Relative velocity of the jet and ship = V + v, v = Velocity of the ship, and V = Velocity of the jet issuing from the ship)

waVr /g × (Vr + v)
waVr /g × (Vr - v)
waVr /g × (Vr + v)²
waVr /g × (Vr - v)²

Question No : 10
Saving of work done and power by fitting an air vessel to single acting reciprocating pump is of the order of

39.2 %
49.2 %
68.8 %
84.8 %

Question No : 11
Manometric head, in case of a centrifugal pump, is equal to

Suction lift + Loss of head in suction pipe due to friction + Delivery lift + Loss of head in delivery pipe due to friction + Velocity head in the delivery pipe
Workdone per kN of water Losses within the impeller
Energy per kN at outlet of impeller Energy per kN at inlet of impeller
All of the above

Question No : 12
Medium specific speed of a pump implies it is

Centrifugal pump
Mixed flow pump
Axial flow pump
Any one of the above

Question No : 13
The discharge through a turbine is

Directly proportional to H1/2
Inversely proportional to H1/2
Directly proportional to H3/2
Inversely proportional to H3/2

Question No : 14
The specific speed of a hydraulic turbine depends upon

Speed and power developed
Discharge and power developed
Speed and head of water
Speed, power developed and head of water