IBPS Common Written Exam (PO/MT) Main 2016 Solved Paper MCQ Question with Answer

IBPS Common Written Exam (PO/MT) Main 2016 Solved Paper MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 8
A and B can do a piece of work in 24 and 30 days respectively. Both started the work and worked for 6 days. Then B leaves the work and C joins and the remaining work is completed by A and C together in 11 days. Find the days in which C alone can do the work


Question No : 9
Three pipe P, Q and R can fill a tank in 12 minutes, 18 minutes and 24 minutes respectively. The pipe R is closed 12 minutes before the tank is filled. In what time the tank is full?

8513 hrs
8413 hrs
7413 hrs
8613 hrs

Question No : 10
A company reduces his employee in the ratio 14 : 12 and increases their wages in the ratio 16:18. Determine whether the bill of wages increases or not and in what ratio.

Decreases, 28: 27
Increases, 27:28
Decreases, 29:28
Increases, 28:29

Question No : 11
A slice from a circular pizza of diameter 14 inches is cut in a such a way that each slice of pizza has a central angle of 45°. What is the area of each slice of Pizza(in square inches)?


Question No : 12
8 litres are drawn from a flask containing milk and then filled with water. The operation is performed 3 more times. The ratio of the quantity of milk left and total solution is 81/625. How much milk the flask initially holds?

10 ltr
20 ltr
30 ltr
40 ltr

Question No : 13
Two persons A and B invested in a business with 115000 and 75000 rupees respectively. They agree that 40% of the profit should be divided equally among them and rest is divided between them according to their investment. If A got 500 rupee more than B, then the total profit is.


Question No : 14
The ratio of the monthly salaries of A and B is in the ratio 5 : 16 and that of B and C is in the ratio 17 : 18. Find the monthly income of C if the total of their monthly salary is 1,87,450.