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Question No : 15

Direction: Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/ phrase.

A man of straw

A man of no substance
A very active person
A worthy fellow
An unreasonable person

Question No : 16
To smell a rat

To see signs of plague epidemic
To get bad small of a bad dead rat
To suspect foul dealings
To be in a bad mood

Question No : 17
To hit the nail right on the head

To do the right thing
To destroy one's reputation
To announce one's fixed views
To teach someone a lesson

Question No : 18
To set one's face against

To oppose with determination
To judge by appearence
To get out of difficulty
To look at one steadily

Question No : 19
At one's wit's end

Clear Up

Question No : 20
All and Sundry

only rich person
selected people
Everybody without distinction

Question No : 21
All in all

Every person
Call all at once
Most important
Particular thing same in all