Man and Environment MCQ Question with Answer

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Question No : 8
Hie earliest settlers on barren lands are generally


Question No : 9
Biologists celebrate 5th June as

Darwin's birthday
World hygiene day
World environment day
World population day

Question No : 10
Mark which is true

A food chain is a chain of food consumers
A food chain is chain of food producers
A food chain is a series of organisms through which food energy flows in an ecosystem
None of the above

Question No : 11
Commensalism is

when both organisms are benefited
when one organism is benefited without affecting the other
when one organism is affected
when both organisms are affected

Question No : 12
First link in any food chain is green plant because

green plants systhesize food
the green plants eat everything
they are fixed at a place
none of these

Question No : 13
Laterization is a process which results in the

purification of water
formation of soil
sterilization of soil
degradation of soil

Question No : 14
Which of the following functions performed by forests help most in controlling drought

Forest prevent soil erosion
Forests act as water sheds
Forests have lots of water plants
Forests bring rainfall, in monsoon