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Question No : 1
The auxotrophs are:

The organisms which are depends upon other organisms
The plants which are able to synthesize their own carbohydrates/food
The organisms which are lost their ability to synthesize carbohydrates
None of these

Question No : 2
Study of soil is called:


Question No : 3
The term Agronomy is used for:

Study of economic importance of virus
Study of economic importance of fungi
Study of science of crop production
None of these

Question No : 4
Sapce biology is:

The study of animals and plants
The study of soil microorganisms
The study of living organisms and their surrounding environment in the outer space
All of these

Question No : 5
The study of soil, involving its structure, type and dynamics is called:

Biology of soil
Soil science
Soil erosion
Soil structure

Question No : 6
The branch of science which is concerned with the study of disease is called:


Question No : 7
Theofrastus is regarded as:

Father of Embryology
Father of Botany
Father of Ecology
None of these

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