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Question No : 1
What do you infer from the term FREE SOFTWARE?

No money required to use
Comes as a complimentary gift when you purchase a Paid Software
Gives user the freedom to use it as they want.
Available Everywhere.

Question No : 2
What is the appropriate term that should be used for software whose source code is available and the user can utilize it according to their needs?

Free Software
Open Source Software
Free and Open Source Software
Any of the above

Question No : 3
Which of the following categories stand opposite to Free and Open Source Software? (Choose any two of the given options.)

Proprietary Software
Secondary Software
Closed Source Software
Virtual Source Software

Question No : 4
Which of the following is considered as one of the major advantages of Free and Open Source Software?

Platform Independent
No redesign required
Version Control
Community Based Development

Question No : 5
When was Free and Open Source Software first seen in the market?

After 1995

Question No : 6
Which of the following is considered as one of the major drawbacks of Free and Open Source Software?

Free Dispersion of Software
Source Code Availability
Involvement of many developers
Dependence on unpaid volunteers

Question No : 7
What is the Basic Requirement for a Software to be Open and Free Standard?

No restrictions in acclimating executions
Should be free of cost.
No Restrictions on commercial use.
No Restriction on further modification.

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