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Question No : 8
Gametangia of fern are produced on the


Question No : 9
Fern differs from moss because it has

(a) swimming antherozoids
independent gametophyte
multiciliate sperms
buihate sperms

Question No : 10
Sporrs in fern are produced through

mitosis and meiosis
none of these

Question No : 11
In the archegonium of fern tliere are/is

four neck canal cells
three neck canal cells
one neck canal cell having one nucleus
one neck canal cell having two nuclei

Question No : 12
In Pteris, the petiole has a groove and its stele is

Horse shoe shaped
Without any definite shape

Question No : 13
Pteridophytes are so-called

vascular cryptogams
amphibians of plant kingdom

Question No : 14
Selaginella and fern share the following character:

Protostelic stele
Leptosporangiate sporangium
Adsence of ovules

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