Radiologic Examination MCQ Question with Answer

Radiologic Examination MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 8
What is (are) the indication(s) of renal artery embolization?

bleeding angiomyolipomas
an alternative to nephrectomy in severe uncontrolled hypertension among patients with end-stage renal disease
renal artery aneurysms or symptomatic AV malformations
all of the above

Question No : 9
Which statement is false regarding magnetic resonance urography (MRU)?

small non-obstructive calculi might be missed at MRU performed for the evaluation of hematuria
in pediatrics, performing a dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging helps in evaluating crossing vessels in the setting of UPJ obstruction
the success of static-fluid MR urography depends on the presence of fluid within the urinary system regardless of renal function
MRU at 3T, carries the risk of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis

Question No : 10
On staging left kidney RCC using enhanced CT, the radiologist must look for:

extension of the tumor to the diaphragm
extension of the tumor to the right atrium
the density of calcifications
the amount and bilaterality of cysts formation

Question No : 11
To which class of Bosniak system of renal cysts does an oval renal parenchymal cyst of uniform water density filling, with attenuation of ≤ 20 HU, thin, non-calcified wall, and no contrast enhancement; belong to?

class 1
class 2
class 3
class 4

Question No : 12
Which of the following is an indication of VCUG?

repeated febrile UTI in children
evaluating a probable posterior urethral valve
a & b
none of the above

Question No : 13
What is true concerning Tc-99m DTPA?

Its uptake by glomerular filtration is almost 100%
It helps evaluate cortical structure and morphology
It provides a static picture of kidneys when compared to MAG3
it binds to the sulfhydryl groups in proximal tubules resulting in much higher resolution pinhole SPECT imaging

Question No : 14
On clinical examination, what accidental finding has NO connection to renal cancer?

unilateral hydrocele
bilateral varicocele
calcifications at the renal area on plain KUB film
painless hematuria