Respiratory System MCQ Question with Answer

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Question No : 15
All are lung diseases except


Question No : 16
The maximum volume of inspirable air is called

vital capacity
residual volume
inspiratory capacity
any of these

Question No : 17
Anoxia means

absence of oxygen
diminished amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues
both (a) and (b)
none of these

Question No : 18
The term used to denote the difference in volume between the total lung capacity and the vital capacity is

tidal volume
ventilation rate
residual volume
all of these

Question No : 19
The vibrations of which of these membranes produces vocal sounds?

Vocal cords
Vocal sacs

Question No : 20
Internal respiration refers to

exchange of gases between lungs and blood
cellular respiration
exchange of gases between lungs and atmosphere
respiration in open air

Question No : 21
The carbon dioxide pressure in the lung capillaries is

less than that in alveolar air
more than that in alveolar air
equal to that in alveolar air
similar to oxygen pressure in the capillaries