State of Matter MCQ - Multiple Choice Question and Answer

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Question No : 8
One gram molecule of a gas at N.T.P occupies 22.4 litres. This fact was derived from

Benjamin hypothesis
Avogadro's hypothesis
Dalton's theory
Law of atomic volume

Question No : 9
The relation between molecular wt. and vapour density is

Molecular wt. = 23 V.D.
Molecular wt. = 13 V.D.
Molecular wt. = V.D.
Molecualr wt = 2 x V.D.

Question No : 10
The vol. of 20 gms of nitrogen at N.T.P.

16 litres
36 litres
8 litre
32 litres

Question No : 11
The wt. of 2.8 litres of a gas at N.T.P. is 3.50 gms. Its V.D. is


Question No : 12
Which of the following phrases would be incorrect to use?

An atom of an element
An atom of a compound
A molecule of a compound
A molecule of an element

Question No : 13
The vapour density of a gas in 35.5. The volume occupies by 3.55 gms of the gas at N.T.P. is

224 litres
2.24 litres
11.12 litres
1.12 litres

Question No : 14
The number of N2 molecules present in 28 nitrogen is

2 x 10
6 x 1022
6 x 1023 approximately
5 x 1030 approximately