Theory of Machines MCQ Question with Answer

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Question No : 15
In a mechanism, usually one link is fixed. If the fixed link is changed in a kinematic chain, then relative motion of other links

Will remain same
Will change
Could change or remain unaltered depending on which link is fixed
Will not occur

Question No : 16
The coriolis component of acceleration exists whenever a point moves along a path that has

Linear displacement
Rotational motion
Gravitational acceleration
Tangential acceleration

Question No : 17
When the load on the engine increases, it becomes necessary to increase the supply of working fluid and when the load decreases, less working fluid is required. The supply of the working fluid to the engine is controlled by a

D-slide valve
Meyer's expansion valve

Question No : 18
In a circular arc cam with roller follower, the acceleration in any position of the lift will depend only upon

Total lift, total angle of lift, minimum radius of cam and cam speed
Radius of circular arc, cam speed, location of centre of circular arc and roller diameter
Mass of cam follower linkage, spring stiffness and cam speed
Total lift, centre of gravity of the cam and cam speed

Question No : 19
The effort of a Porter governor is equal to (where c = Percentage increase in speed, m = Mass of ball, and M = Mass on the sleeve)

c (m - M) g
c (m + M) g
c/(m + M) g
c/(m - M) g

Question No : 20
A spring controlled governor is said to be unstable when the controlling force

Increases as the radius of rotation decreases
Increases as the radius of rotation increases
Decreases as the radius of rotation increases
Remains constant for all radii of rotation

Question No : 21
The equation of free vibrations of a system is (d²x/dt²) +36 π²x, its natural frequency is

3 Hz
3π Hz
6 Hz
6π Hz