Time and Distance MCQ Question with Answer

Time and Distance MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 15
A person crosses a 600 m long street in 5 minutes. What is his speed in km per hour?


Question No : 16
A thief is noticed by a policeman from a distance of 200 m. The thief starts running and the policeman chases him. The thief and the policeman run at the rate of 10 km and 11 km per hour respectively. What is the distance between them after 6 minutes ?

50 meter
100 meter
110 meter
None of above

Question No : 17
The ratio between the speeds of two trains is 7: 8. If the second train runs 400 kms in 4 hours, then the speed of the first train is ?

83.5 km/hr
84.5 km/hr
86.5 km/hr
87.5 km/hr

Question No : 18
A walks around a circular field at the rate of one round per hour while B runs around it at the rate of six rounds per hour. They start at same point at 7:30 am. They shall first cross each other at ?

7:15 am
7:30 am
7: 42 am
7:50 am

Question No : 19
A person travels equal distances with speed of 3 km/hr, 4 km/hr and 5 km/hr and takes a total of 47 minutes. Find the total distane

3 km
4 km
6 km
9 km

Question No : 20
A train traveled at an average speed of 100 km/hr, stopping for 3 minutes after every 75 km. How long did it take to reach its destination 600 km from the starting point.

6 hours 24 mins
6 hours 21 mins
6 hours 18 mins
6 hours 15 mins

Question No : 21
A man in a train notices that he can count 41 telephone posts in one minute. If they are known to be 50 metres apart, then at what speed is the train travelling?

60 km/hr
100 km/hr
110 km/hr
120 km/hr