Time and Work MCQ Question with Answer

Time and Work MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 8
A and B can together complete a piece of work in 4 days. If A alone can complete the same work in 12 days, in how many days can B alone complete that work ?

6 days
5 days
8 days
7 days

Question No : 9
Mr. Rocky is on tour and he has Rs 360 for his expenses. If he exceeds his tour by 4 days he must cut down daily expenses by Rs 3. The number of days of Mr. Ram's tour programme is

24 days
22 days
28 days
20 days

Question No : 10
A can finish a work in 18 days and B can do same work in half the time taken by A. then working together, what part of same work they can finish in a day


Question No : 11
A tyre has two punctures. The first puncture alone would have made the tyre flat in 9 minutes and the second alone would have done it in 6 minutes. If air leaks out at a constant rate, how long does it take both the punctures together to make it flat ? 


Question No : 12
A is twice as good as workman as B and together they finish a piece of work in 18 days. In how many days will B alone finish the work.

50 days
54 days
55 days
60 days

Question No : 13
A man can do a piece of work in 5 days, but with the help of his son he can do it in 3 days. In what time can the son do it alone ?

412 days
512  days
612 days
712 days

Question No : 14
A can do a job in 16 days, B can do same job in 12 days. With the help of C they did the job in 4 days. C alone can do the same job in how many days ?

935 days
835 days
512 days
412 days