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Question No : 15
The purpose of a riser is to

Deliver molten metal into the mould cavity
Act as a reservoir for the molten metal
Feed the molten metal to the casting in order to compensate for the shrinkage
Deliver the molten metal from pouring basin to gate

Question No : 16
The algebraic difference between the minimum limit and the basic size is called

Actual deviation
Upper deviation
Lower deviation
Fundamental deviation

Question No : 17
In a bilateral system of tolerance, the tolerance is allowed on

One side of the actual size
One side of the nominal size
Both sides of the actual size
Both sides of the nominal size

Question No : 18
Which one of the following material will require the largest size of riser for the same size of casting?

Cast iron

Question No : 19
Projection welding is a

Continuous spot welding process
Multi-spot welding process
Arc welding process
Process used for joining round bars

Question No : 20
Rotary swaging

Is extensively used for making bolts and rivets
Is used for reducing the diameters of round bars and a tube by rotating dies which open and close rapidly on the work
Is used to improve fatigue resistance of the metal by setting up compressive stresses in its surface
Consists of pressing the metal inside a chamber to force it out by high pressure through an orifice which is shaped to provide the desired form of the finished part

Question No : 21
Which of the following statement is wrong?

The mortise gauge has two scribing pins
The gouges are chisels with a hollow shaped blade
An auger is a planing tool
All of these