Wound Repair And Care MCQ Question with Answer

Wound Repair And Care MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 8
Which statement is false concerning scar contracture?

It is the last phase of primary wound healing
composed of dense collagen, thin-wall blood vessels
seen commonly in 2nd or 3rd- degree burns
it could lead to physical deformity and functional limitations

Question No : 9
Which type(s) of collagen is (are) deposited during the proliferative phase of wound healing?

type I
type II
type III
type I & II

Question No : 10
Which wound closure device is preferred for mid-line laparotomy incision?

tissue adhesives (skin glue)
surgical tapes

Question No : 11
The timing of stitches removal does NOT depend on:

stitches material
patient`s chronic illnesses
patient`s medications
wound location

Question No : 12
Which statement is false on comparing surgical sutures with staplers?

staplers carry the risk of foreign body ingestion in mentally impaired patients
sutures carry the risk of needle stick
staplers provide more meticulous skin approximation
suturing requires longer training

Question No : 13
Which of the following does NOT affect wound healing?


Question No : 14
Which statement is false concerning scars and scabs?

a scab is a temporary crust of dried blood clot that forms to protect a damaged area of the skin
some scabs are disfiguring and warrant cosmetic repair
a scar is a permanent deposition of fibrous tissue to replace damaged or lost skin
scabs will fall off on their own