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Question No : 1
Sitting fees received by director of XYZ Ltd., is liable for GST in the hands of the………

Both of above
None of the above

Question No : 2
Which of the following shall not be included in value of supply?

Late fee

Question No : 3
What deductions are allowed from the transaction value

Discounts offered to customers, subject to conditions
Packing Charges, subject to conditions
Amount paid by customer on behalf of the supplier, subject to conditions
Freight charges incurred by the supplier for CIF terms of supply, subject to conditions

Question No : 4
Mr. Chamcham, registered under GST in Delhi, is a domestic trader as also an exporter of whole-sale goods. His annual turnover and inputtax details are as follows:

+TurnoverTax paid on inputs
Taxable goods90,00,0009,00,000
Exempt goods10,00,0001,00,000
Exported goods15,00,0002,00,000

No GST is payable on exempt and exported goods. Mr. Chamcham seeks your expert help in calculating the amount of ITC which he is eligible to claim under GST law. ITC admissible, in given case, is:


Question No : 5
What are the taxes levied on an intra-State supply?


Question No : 6
Under which of the following situations, input tax credit will beavailable under GST law?

Cars purchased by a manufacturing company for official use ofits employees.
Aircraft purchased by a manufacturing company for official useof its CEO.
General insurance taken on a car used by employees of a manufacturing company for official purposes.
Maintenance & repair services availed by a company for a truck used for transporting its finished goods.

Question No : 7
Which of the following services are covered under Reverse Charge Mechanism of CGST Act, 2017?
i. Legal Consultancy
ii.Goods Transport Agency
iii. Labour Supply
iv. Rent-a-Cab

i & iii
i & iv
i,ii,& iii
All the above

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