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Question No : 1
The author of the book entitled "The First Land Plants" is

F.O. Bower
P.N. Mehra

Question No : 2
The gametophyte of Funaria is :

monoecious and dioecious

Question No : 3
The centre of moss axis is occupied by

a large pith
the xylem
the so-called conduction tissue
none of these

Question No : 4
The only positive evidence of the aquatic ancestory of bryophytes is

thread like protonema
ciliated an therozoids
their green colour
some forms are still aquatic

Question No : 5
Which one of the following is absent in moss sporophyte ?


Question No : 6
Bryophyta acts as a connecting link between

thallophyta and ptcridophyta
algae and fungi
pteridophyta and gymnosperms
terrestrial fungi and aquatic fungi

Question No : 7
The body of Funaria is

Simple rosette thallus
Differentiated into root, axis and leaves
Differentiated into rhizoids, short axis and leaves
None of these

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