Computer Science Principles MCQ Question with Answer

Computer Science Principles MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 1
Which programming language is often used for data analysis and machine learning?


Question No : 2
What is a loop in programming?

A bug in the code
A function that repeats a specific task
A variable that stores multiple values
A conditional statement

Question No : 3
What is the purpose of the elif statement in Python?

It is used to define a new variable.
It is used to handle exceptions.
It is used to execute code if the if condition is false.
It is used to test multiple conditions sequentially.

Question No : 4
What is a conditional operator in programming?

An operator that performs mathematical calculations
An operator that combines two values
An operator that evaluates a condition and returns one of two values based on the condition
An operator that compares two values for equality

Question No : 5
What does the acronym HTML stand for?

HyperText Markup Language
High-Level Text Language
Hyperlink Text Management Language
Home Tool Markup Language

Question No : 6
What is the purpose of the try and except blocks in Python?

To define a function
To create graphics
To handle exceptions and errors
To write comments in code

Question No : 7
What is the purpose of the if statement in programming?

To repeat a block of code
To define a function
To make decisions and execute code conditionally
To create a loop