Application program example includes

A. payroll program

B. desktop program

C. publishing program

D. editing program

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  1. Types of software programs usually includes
  2. Program which exactly perform operations that manual says is classified as
  3. Slots in spreadsheet whose formula is not exactly copied are classified as
  4. Set of software is held central by
  5. Number and name system uses to identify user is called
  6. Process to exit from computer by giving correct instructions such as 'EXIT' is classified as
  7. Program produces experimental results for biologist research is classified as
  8. Special set of characters that computer associates with specific user identification is classified as
  9. Application program example includes
  10. Library program may comes from
  11. Specialized program that allows users to utilize in specific application is classified as
  12. In microcomputers - operating system is usually stored on
  13. Program used to transfer contents onto a printer from VDU screen is classified as
  14. Programs used to control system performance are classified as
  15. Record of programs recorded as they run is classified as
  16. Software which controls general operations of computer system is classified as
  17. Typing of words on keyboard to drive program with help of
  18. Program packages that allows program users to design data files and select information are called
  19. Set of programs with full set of documentation is considered as
  20. Program provides users with grid of rows and columns is classified as
  21. Commercial organization specializing preparation and design of software package is classified as
  22. Slots in spreadsheet that can be copied to other slots are classified as
  23. Collection of useful working routines and programs and is only available to users with authorization…
  24. Process of gaining access to a computer by giving correct user identification is classified as
  25. If program can cope data errors - program is called
  26. Application program used with all documentation is considered
  27. Program which is readily available to computer users as part of software package is classified as
  28. System software's are supplied by the
  29. Several programs run at same time and storage is shared especially in
  30. System programs examples includes