Bats flying in the dark avoid obstacles because

A. they can see very dearly only in darkness

B. they produce ultrasonic waves which guide them

C. their eyes are sensitive to darkness

D. their eye holes expand in darkness

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  1. On applying a constant force to a mass, It moves with a uniform
  2. Drinks kept in a vacuum flask remain hot or cold as the case may be for a long time because
  3. The direction of heat flow between two objects depends on
  4. Holography is the technique of
  5. A photon is
  6. A person does not sink in the Dead Sea because
  7. Compared to the atomic bomb, the destructive power of a hydrogen bomb is
  8. When light passes from air to glass, its velocity in glass
  9. Tap water is placed in an open pad and allowed to evaporate. After some time the temperature of water
  10. The attraction between similar molecules is called
  11. The principle on which a Jet engine works is
  12. Chronometer la an instrument to measure
  13. A capillary tube is partially dipped vertically in a vessel containing water. Due to capillarity water…
  14. The study of astronomy include a
  15. The method used to separate aluminium from a alumina is
  16. The instrument used to determine the RD (Relative Density) of a liquid by the principle of floatation…
  17. The cover of a solar cooker is made of glass because
  18. The solar wind is composed of
  19. If the speed of the rotation of the earth increases the weight of a body
  20. Some persons are not able to see distant objects clearly because the image of the object is focused…
  21. A solid ball of metal has a spherical cavity inside it. When the ball is heated the volume of the cavity…
  22. The rings of Saturn were discovered by
  23. The property of a fluid by which it resists relative motion within itself is known as
  24. Formation of shadows can be explained by
  25. When a body Is taken to the poles from the equator, Its weight becomes
  26. When a whistling engine approaches a person standing on the platform, the frequency or the note
  27. In a freezer ice cubes will be formed more quickly in trays made of
  28. When ice just melts
  29. Who first established the fact that the earth revolves round the sun?
  30. Gamma radiations are used for