Concatenation of text can be done using

A. Apostrophe (&lsquo

B. Exclamation (!)

C. Hash (#)

D. Ampersand (&

You can do it yup
  1. You can select a single range of cells by
  2. Which command will you choose to convert a column of data into row?
  3. Each excel file is a workbook that contains different sheets. Which of the following can not be a sheet…
  4. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called ......
  5. Which of the following is the latest version of Excel
  6. Which of the following is not a way to complete a cell entry?
  7. To remove the content of selected cells you must issue ______ command
  8. Which Chart can be created in Excel?
  9. How can you find specific information in a list?
  10. Microsoft Excel is a powerful ...........
  11. By default Excel provides 3 worksheets. You need only two of them, how will you delete the third one?
  12. Which of the following option is not available in Paste Special dialog box?
  13. If you begin typing an entry into a cell and then realize that you dont want your entry placed into…
  14. How can you remove borders applied in cells?ACC
  15. We can save and protect the workbook by
  16. To create a formula, you can use:
  17. To select an entire column in MS-EXCEL, press?
  18. You can enter which types of data into worksheet cells?
  19. You can use the formula palette to
  20. You can activate a cell by
  21. Which elements of a worksheet can be protected from accidental modification?
  22. When you want to insert a blank imbedded excel object in a word document you can
  23. The name box
  24. Excel uniquely identifies cells within a worksheet with a cell name
  25. To activate the previous cell in a pre-selected range, press
  26. The Paste Special command lets you copy and paste:
  27. Which of the following is a popular DOS based spreadsheet package?
  28. Rounding errors can occur
  29. When a range is selected, how can you activate the previous cell?
  30. How many characters can be typed in a single cell in Excel?