For removing the Vice President of Indian from his office a resolution is initiated in -

A. The joint sitting of both the House

B. The Rajya Sabha

C. The Lok Sabha

D. Any of the two Houses

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  1. Which one of the following states/Uts of the country has more than fifty per cent tribal population…
  2. The Indian constitution establishes India as a
  3. Members of Constituent Assembly were
  4. Magna Carta in England led to the Development of
  5. The right to vote in elections to a Parliament is a
  6. The right to vote in India is given to all people on the basis of
  7. Who among the following is constitutionally empowered to declare a geographic area as a scheduled area…
  8. Setting up of which one of the following is not stated in the constitution of India ?
  9. Sikkim was made an integral part of India under the
  10. Which of the following has been borrowed from Ireland by the framers of the Indian constitution
  11. The League of Nations was established in
  12. Consider the following statements : 1. A money bill cannot be introduced in the Council of States. 2.…
  13. Who among the following was not a member of the Constituent Assembly established in July 1946
  14. Judiciary is one of three branches of modern governments. In some governments the principle of judicial…
  15. In case the post of President of India falls vacant and there is also no Vice-President, than who among…
  16. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right?
  17. Who was the President of the Republic of India who consistently described Indian secularism as Sarve…
  18. Which one of the following countries has a presidential form of Government
  19. How many language have been recognised by the constitution ?
  20. Who among the following gave the following statements about the Indian constitution ? Indian constitution…
  21. When did the Akali Movement start ?
  22. A motion of no confidence against the Council of Ministers can be moved in Lok Sabha if it is supported…
  23. whole or any part of India for implementing international treaties
  24. Consider the following statements 1. The Governor of a state may reserve a Bill for consideration of…
  25. Consider the following statements 1. In Part IX of the constitution of India, there is no provision…
  26. Which one of the following is a national political party
  27. The design of the National flag adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India in
  28. Consider the following statements 1. In the Parliamentary system of India. If the President of India…
  29. The constitution of India was enacted by a constituent Assembly set up
  30. The executive powers of the state are vested in the governor under article of the Constitution