In the following questions, in the given sentences, a part of the sentence is underlined. Beneath each sentence, four different ways of phrasing the underlined part are indicated. Choose the best alternative.

I would gladly accompany your sister if you had asked him.

A. would have gladly accompanied

B. was to have gladly accompanied

C. will gladly accompany

D. No improvement

You can do it
  1. James epitomizes everything that a leader should be.
  2. Try to be diplomatic when you refuse any invitation, so for not to cause bad feeling
  3. One of the men gave first aid to Hitesh who is injured in a road accident.
  4. I have not written many letter to him since my father had died .
  5. Wise men catch time by the forelock.
  6. Hardly had I finished writing the letter before Anil arrived.
  7. Anyone interested in the use of computer can learn much if you have access to a state-of-the-art microcomputer.
  8. He plays cricket and tennis also .
  9. Start the motor, and then you should remove the blocks .
  10. What are needed are not large houses but small cottages.
  11. He has been working off and on for several years to compile a dictionary.
  12. Rajni unnecessarily picked up a quarrel with Kashish and left the party hurriedly.
  13. The matter must be considered in every point of view.
  14. She could not help but laugh .
  15. The members of the student's union did not give the examination in protest.
  16. To various practices and norms for bank's transactions are laid down by the Reserve Bank of India.
  17. The members of his family are coming in this train.
  18. It is long since I last saw you.
  19. The manager was unhappy at Gaurav because he did not complete the work in time
  20. No sooner I saw the tiger than I ran away.
  21. Manisha purchased the very good of all the saris kept in the shop
  22. Since 1986, there is no earthquakes here.
  23. On receiving his appointment letter, Ravi treated us with a sumptuous meal.
  24. On seeing the lion she felt too much afraid.
  25. Eaten in Portugal only, the Indians viewed the potato with suspicion for they assumed it had poisonous…
  26. I am used to hard work .
  27. When the soldiers realised that they had been fooled, they rush back.
  28. A high school student is not even understanding the basics of Chemistry and Physics.
  29. She did not like the movie, nor I did.
  30. The summer has set out and the days are getting warm.