In the following questions, in the given sentences, a part of the sentence is underlined. Beneath each sentence, four different ways of phrasing the underlined part are indicated. Choose the best alternative.

I would gladly accompany your sister if you had asked him.

A. would have gladly accompanied

B. was to have gladly accompanied

C. will gladly accompany

D. No improvement

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  1. He doesn't hesitate to do whatever his brother does .
  2. Eaten in Portugal only, the Indians viewed the potato with suspicion for they assumed it had poisonous…
  3. She is quite well now, except a slight cold .
  4. You can borrow my laptop as long as you promise not to misuse it.
  5. All over Russia, Indian films are more popular than those in any other country.
  6. She was kept from her assignment because of her loquacious room-mate.
  7. One of the men gave first aid to Hitesh who is injured in a road accident.
  8. His father won't be able to leave for Varanasi until they have arrived .
  9. The members of the student's union did not give the examination in protest.
  10. Practically every part of the banana tree is used by man.
  11. My car broke off on my way to the office.
  12. The trek is difficult but it is worth well the endeavour.
  13. The unemployment rate has dropped sharply this month, though it may only be temporary .
  14. The commoners joined the king's army at crushing the rebels.
  15. Certain shipwrecks have a particular fascination for those people which have a belief in finding the…
  16. Many believed that girls who received western education would make slaves of their husbands.
  17. Rajni unnecessarily picked up a quarrel with Kashish and left the party hurriedly.
  18. I have not written many letter to him since my father had died .
  19. A lot depends on your early brought up in the family.
  20. Anita liked to watch television, of which she found the science programme especially fascinating .
  21. They have stopped from constructing new buildings.
  22. We asked her that how she got time to write all these books.
  23. On receiving his appointment letter, Ravi treated us with a sumptuous meal.
  24. It will take two hours to walk across the forest.
  25. Goaded to frenzy, the bull charged its tormentors.
  26. The cloud of misfortunes appears to have blown out .
  27. As a child, my parents took me to Jammu to visit my grandmother .
  28. She did not like the movie, nor I did.
  29. The easiest way for prevent stress caused by work or home pressures is to indulge in high levels of…
  30. Ever since the sting operation, there has been much opposition from they who maintain that it was an…