In timer control _____________ is the most important property.

A. Interval.

B. Front

C. backcolor

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  1. MDI form1.Arrange vbTileHorizontal; this code in a MDI form will
  2. In a programme body :Private sub form_load()X=inputbox("First No. :")Y=inputbox("Second No. :")Z=val(X)…
  3. what will be the output of the code below :private sub command_click()dim I as integerI=0DoPrint ILoop…
  4. Visual Basic has ____________ number of editions
  5. CommonDialogs control is visible at runtime
  6. By default 'Dim myvar' this statement:
  7. To get the property window in visual basic you have to press
  8. What is the default value for multi-select property of list box control.
  9. If you want a list box control with check box option, which property of list box control you will have…
  10. Instr$(text1.text,"visual") will returns :
  11. The fundamental property of RichTextBox control is
  12. In visual basic you can draw something in
  13. To break a loop abnormally when satisfying a condition, we can use
  14. Currency variable stores fixed point numbers with :
  15. The arrange property of MDI form is available at design time.
  16. Function can return array as return value:
  17. It is possible in visual basic to specifying array limit like from 1 to 10
  18. Min and Max property can be used with Font common dialog box to determine
  19. Which property of list box control reports the number of selected items.
  20. Delete method of the recordset of Data Control or Data Access Object is delete the record which is pointed…
  21. To draw a form on the screen which event is being called up
  22. DocumentForm() it is
  23. To enable apply button in dialog box ; flag value should be set to
  24. The full form of IIS is :
  25. Visual Basic produce:
  26. It is possible to insert a picture in a option button control.
  27. In form load event, if the following code is written then guess what will be the output :Dim I as integer,…
  28. IsDate() function returns true if its argument is a valid date and time
  29. If the Flag constant for the font common dialog box is cdlCFPrinterFonts then it causes the dialog box…
  30. Say there is a string "Ramcharan"; when someone using Mid() function like MID("Ramcharan",2) then what…