In visual basic Bool variable stores

A. 2 bytes

B. 1 bytes

C. 4 bytes

D. none of the above.

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  1. IsDate() function returns true if its argument is a valid date and time
  2. To break a loop abnormally when satisfying a condition, we can use
  3. In visual basic, number of loop control structure is _____________.
  4. when using 'do until-loop' statement as stated belowI=10Do until I>5Print II=I+1LoopThis statement…
  5. which control structure are working under false condition
  6. The arrange property of MDI form is available at design time.
  7. While running an application you can change the value of any variable and see it's effect through ___________…
  8. Visual Basic produce:
  9. Now() function will return the current drive and directory you are working on as return value.
  10. Function can return array as return value:
  11. DocumentForm() it is
  12. The title of the dialog box can be changed.
  13. CommonDialogs control is visible at runtime
  14. CommonDialog1.ShowOpenFilename1=CommonDialog1.FilenameThe above code will
  15. In form load event, if the following code is written then guess what will be the output :Dim I as integer,…
  16. Data1.Recordset.FindFirst "State=NY"The above code will find the record in a given database
  17. It is possible to access a menu without using mouse, to access the menu ;pressing the Ctrl key and the…
  18. Time variable is used to store date and time in visual basic
  19. Sorted property of list box control is a design time property and cannot be changed in runtime.
  20. what will be the output of the code below :private sub command_click()dim I as integerI=0DoPrint ILoop…
  21. MDI form1.Arrange vbTileHorizontal; this code in a MDI form will
  22. To run an application you have to press :
  23. It is possible to pass different number parameters to a function when call the function on different…
  24. It is possible to change the password character property of text box control at run time.
  25. Sort is a method by which elements can be sorted in flexgrid control
  26. Which property of list box control reports the number of selected items.
  27. Suppose there are two forms; form1 and form2 ; if there are codes like : In form1.active event Form2.showAnd…
  28. What will be the output when the statements below will execute :Dim a as integera=0while(a<5)print…
  29. Suppose there is a data control named data1. What will be the effect if the following code is inserted
  30. In visual basic the default unit is :