IPC stands for _________

A. Integrated parallel communication

B. Intermediate process call

C. Internal program call

D. Inter process communication

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  1. Having data belonging to two independent processes in the same page is called____________.
  2. Most accurate global time is based on oscillations of the ______________
  3. Which components appear in the initial windows start up display?
  4. ______________ are popular way to improve application through parallelism.
  5. You can use print manage window
  6. ____________ file system allows sharing in multiple different locations grouped under one folder.
  7. Objects location is found by _________________
  8. Which of the following is/are external commands?
  9. Which one of the following statements is true?
  10. A process may create a new process by executing ___________system call.
  11. When a child dies, it sends a _______________signal to its parent.
  12. In layered approach each layer uses the functions and services of ------------------
  13. ___________variable is not automatically created on all UNIX systems but is used by so many programs…
  14. ______________ selects a process from among the ready processes to execute on the CPU.
  15. In Multics, a process could have up to 256K segments, but each segment was limited to ___________ 64K…
  16. Which components appear in the initial Windows start up display?
  17. Transparent RPC mechanism refers to :
  18. SRM stands for
  19. Taskbar is used for
  20. PVM stands for
  21. Bootstrapping is also known as ______
  22. Identify the server:This type of server generally remains in existence indefinitely. It is shared by…
  23. Two clocks are said to be synchronized at a particular instance of time if the difference in time values…
  24. The find command is different from most UNIX commands in that each of the argument expressions following…
  25. In Windows, start button is used to
  26. In___________, the requesting device or devices assert the signal bus_request.
  27. The Bankers algorithm is used
  28. The controller can access memory in memory cycles which are not used by the particular bank of memory…
  29. In the case of____________, message remains in the senders address space until the receiver executes…
  30. Which of the following is an essential file of a MS-DOS boot disk?