Name the Calcutta High Court Judge, who has been Supreme Court order sentencing to six monthly imprisonment?

A. Manoj Misra

B. Ramesh Sinha

C. C.S. Karnan

D. None

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  1. Name the Punjab former DGP, who has been named as Punjab Super Cor, recently Died?
  2. Name the country, which has been declared end to Zika emergency?
  3. Name the person, who has been appointed as Prime Minister of France, recently?
  4. Name the legendary sitarist, who has been passed away in Karachi, Pakistan recently?
  5. Name the album singer, who has been bagged 13 awards at 2017 Billboard Music Awards?
  6. Name the Person, who has been resigned as Nepal Prime Minister, recently?
  7. State the no. of training institutes to Skill drivers, Union Govt to set up in India?
  8. Name the Indian - American student, who has been won National Geographic Bee Contest, recently?
  9. What is the name of the superfast train which was flagged on 22 May, 2017?
  10. Name the country, who has been won the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey tournament, recently?
  11. Name the Organization, who has been hosted book fairs in Panchayats of India wide?
  12. Name the person, who has been laid the foundation stone for IARI at Gogamukh, Assam?
  13. Name the senior NCP leader, who has been passed away after prolonged illness, recently?
  14. Name the person, who has been called for creation of Asia Africa Growth Corridor, recently?
  15. Name the country, which has to build war museum in Manipur?
  16. Name the country, which was signed MoU on Defence Cooperation with India on 29 May, 2017?
  17. Name the person, who has been got honorary Doctorate degree from Harvard University, recently?
  18. Name the country, which has to be first in World to run all govt ports on green energy?
  19. Name the place in India, in which ICT4D conference was held recently?
  20. Name the first amputee swimmer, who has been swim across Red Sea, recently?
  21. Name the person, who has been appointed as the deputy executive secretary of UNFCCC?
  22. Name the student from India, who has been selected for the FIFA Programme in Russia?
  23. Name the State, which was deployed Ambulance services for cows?
  24. Astronomers have discovered primitive atmosphere around a planet, what is the name of it?
  25. Name the Union Ministry, who has been launched a new app for Central Armed Police Forces, recently?
  26. Name the town in Andhra Pradesh, which was set a new Guinness World Record in Organ donation?
  27. Name the Woman, who has been became first Indian woman to conquer Mt. Everest twice within 5 days?
  28. Name the place in Assam, in which PM Modi laid foundation stone for AIIMS, recently?
  29. Name the person, who has been elected as 2nd time President of Iran, recently?
  30. State the Day, on which we Observed International Day of Families every years?