On a PC, how much memory is available to application software?

A. 1024 KB

B. 760 KB

C. 640 KB

D. 560 KB

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  1. Which type of system puts the user into direct conversation with the computer through a keyboard?
  2. Which of the following can store information in the form of microscopic pits on metal disks.
  3. MIS is designed to provide information needed for effective decision making by?
  4. In analog computer
  5. In the third Generation of computers
  6. From which generation computers the printers were used?
  7. Which of the following statement is valid?
  8. The capacity of 3.5 inch floppy disk is
  9. Through which device the main components of the computer communicate with each other?
  10. Fifth generation computer is also known as
  11. ASCII stands for
  12. John Napier invented Logarithm in
  13. Why are vacuum tubes also called valves?
  14. The list of coded instructions is called
  15. A digital computer did not score over an analog computer in terms of
  16. ________ printer is a non-impact printer and is quite in working
  17. The two kinds of main memory are:
  18. The microcomputer, Intel MCS-80 is based on the widely used Intel
  19. The symbols used in an assembly language are
  20. Which one is the largest space?
  21. Which is the highest form?
  22. Which statement is valid about computer program?
  23. FORTRAN is
  24. A group of magnetic tapes, videos or terminals usually under the control of one master is
  25. The first firm to mass-market a microcomputer as a personal computer was
  26. A set of information that defines the status of resources allocated to a process isA) Process control
  27. A common boundary between two systems is called
  28. The device used to carry digital data on analogue lines is called as
  29. Which of the following is not input unit device?
  30. Who invented Integrated Circuits?