State of Matter MCQ Question with Answer

State of Matter MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 1
22.4 litre of any gas at N.T.P. will contain

One gram equivalent
One gram atomic weight
One gram atom
One gram molecule

Question No : 2
The vol. of 20 gm. of hydrogen at N.T.P. is

22.4 litres
112 litres
12 litres
224 litres

Question No : 3
The V.D. of a gas is 11.2 gm. The volume occupied by 11.2 gm. of this gas at N.T.P. is

12 litre
11.2 litres
2.24 litres
22.4 litres

Question No : 4
If the temperature and pressure remain unchanged the volume of O2obtained by the decomposition of a certain volume of SO2 will be

Triple the volume of SO2
Half the volume of SO2
Equal to the volume of SO2
One third the volume of SO2

Question No : 5
According to Avogadro's hypothesis equal volumes of two gases under the same conditions of temperature and pressure contain

Equal number of electrons
Equal number of ions
Equal number of atoms
Equal number of molecules

Question No : 6
The vapour density of a gas is 11.2. The volume occupied by 2.4 g of the gas at S.T.P wil be

2.4 litres
3.6 litres
2.24 litres
11.2 liters

Question No : 7
The number of molecules of CO2 present in 44 gms. of CO2 is

6 x 1023 approx
1030 approx
3 x 1010 approx
12 x  1023 approx