Rapidly rotating stars emitting intense radio waves are called ___.

A. Pulsars

B. Quasuars

C. Neutron stars

D. All of the above

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  1. How many of the following statements are true?1. Mean Solar Day is greater than Sidereal Day approximately…
  2. What is significant about the town of Greenwich?
  3. Presently the farthest planet from the Sun is _____.
  4. Polar Auroras are called __ in Southern Hemisphere.
  5. Which planet is called 'Double Planet'?
  6. Halley's comet visits us after every.
  7. What is the position of the moon called when it la farthest from the earth?
  8. What is the unit of measurement of distance between celestial bodies?
  9. Sidereal means
  10. The tail of a comet is directed away from the Sun because
  11. A swarm of small bodies in between the two Planets of Solar System is called 'asteroids' which are those…
  12. On which date is the Earth in 'perihelion'?
  13. Polar Auroras are
  14. Who was the first person to describe the earth as a sphere?
  15. The time period elapsing between one New Moon and the next is approximately
  16. How much time is taken by the Moon in completing one revolution around the Earth?
  17. Which planet has the largest equatorial radius?
  18. Which planet does take the longest time in completing one revolution around the Sun?
  19. What is the difference between a lake and a tank?
  20. Which star la called the brightest star (Dog star)?
  21. Which two Planets do not have any satellites?
  22. To a space traveller stationed in Moon, during the day time the lunar sky will appear
  23. When does the Vernal Equinox occur?
  24. The solar eclipse takes place when
  25. What happens when ships cross the International Date Line?
  26. Which planet does experience a day almost of the same duration as the Earth?
  27. A celestial body consisting of a gaseous cloud enveloping a bright nucleus moving around the Sun in…
  28. Which two planets do not have any satellites?1. Mercury2. Venus3. Saturn4. Pluto
  29. The inclination of the earth's axis, i.e. the earth's axis is tilted at an angle from a perpendicular…
  30. Largest satellite in Solar System is ____.